Satellite Communications Technical Recognition Award
The assignment of the SSC awards follows a rigorous and thorough evaluation process, for which a selection board is appointed. Such a board is composed of the SSC TC officers (Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary) and two other SSC TC members, usually Past Chairs, nominated by the SSC TC Chair. In the case conflicts of interest with the candidates arise, replacements for the SSC TC officers will be taken.

2021 SSC Award WINNER : Dr. Bassel F. Beidas.

2020 SSC Award WINNER : Dr. Stefano Cioni. Click for photo

The evaluation board for the award assigned in year 2020 is composed of:

  • Prof. Song Guo
  • Prof. Mianxiong Dong
  • Prof. Igor Bisio
  • Prof. Nei Kato
  • Prof. Abbas Jamalipour

2019 SSC Award WINNER : Prof. Alessandro Vanelli Coralli (University of Bologna, Italy). Click for photo

2018 SSC Award WINNER : Dr. Mohammed Atiquzzaman. Click for photo

Satellite Communications Distinguished Service Award
In recognition of the contribution to the satellite and space communication topics and the outstanding support to the main activities of the SSC technical committee, the Satellite and Space Communications Technical Committee presented the “Satellite Communications Distinguished Service Award” to:

2020 SSC Award WINNER : Dr. Tomaso de Cola.

TEA Council and SSC voting members approved the roster of SSCTC Awards Subcommittee:

  • Chair: Pascal Lorenz (Vice Chair of SSCTC)
  • Member: Igor Bisio (Past Chair of SSCTC)
  • Member: Nei Kato (Past Chair of SSCTC)
  • Member: Takaya Yamazato (Past Chair of SSCTC)
  • Member: Abbas Jamalipour (Past Chair of SSCTC)

2019 SSC Award WINNER : Dr. Sastri Kota. Click for photo

2018 SSC Award WINNER : Dr. Morio Toyoshima (NICT) Click for photo and Dr. Lin-Nan Lee (Hughes) Click for photo

2017 SSC Award WINNER : Prof. Panagiotis(Takis) Mathiopoulos. Click for photo

2016 SSC Award WINNER : Dr. Andrea Sciarrone. The plaque has been given to Dr. Andrea Sciarrone on behalf of Prof. Andrea Sciarrone. Click for photo

2015 SSC Award WINNER : Dr. Riccardo De Gaudenzi Click for photo

2014 SSC Award WINNER : Dr. Björn Ottersten, Dr. Symeon Chatzinotas and Dr. Bhavani Shankar Research group SIGCOM, Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust, University of Luxembourg Dr. Dimitrios Christopoulos from the same center received the Award on their behalf. Click for photo

2013 SSC Award WINNER : Prof. Erich Lutz and Dr. Sandro Scalise Click for photo
(Dr. de Cola received the 2013 SSC Award on behalf of Prof. Lutz and Dr.Scalise)

2012 SSC Award WINNER : Prof. Naoto Kadowaki Click for photo

2011 SSC Award WINNER : Prof. Takaya Yamazato Click for photo

2010 SSC Award WINNER : Prof. Shuzo Kato

2009 SSC Award WINNER : Prof. Giovanni E. Corazza Click for photo

2008 SSC Award WINNER : Prof. Mario Marchese Click for photo

2007 SSC Award WINNER : Dr. Ron P. Smith Click for photo

2006 SSC Award WINNER : Prof. Abbas Jamalipour Click for photo

2005 SSC Award WINNERs : Prof. Yoshiaki Nemoto and Prof. Nei Kato

2004 SSC Award WINNER : Dr. Satchandi Verma

2003 SSC Award WINNER : Not assigned

2002 SSC Award WINNER : Prof. Romano Fantacci