As announced in the SSC meeting at ICC 2022 on Apr. 29th, 2022, it is time to elect new SSCTC officers. The 2022 Nomination and Election (N&E) Subcommittee consists of Nei Kato (Past SSCTC Chair), Tomaso de Cola (Past SSCTC Chair), and Song Guo (N&E Chair and Current SSCTC Chair).

Below are the candidates for SSCTC officers.

Chair candidates:

Vice-Chair candidates:

Secretary candidates:

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The SSC Technical Committee meets at the two main IEEE ComSoc conferences each year, ICC and Globecom. Our meetings are normally on the second day of the technical program in the morning. Please consult the official committee schedule available at the conference for final date, time and location. Note that you may be an active and valuable member of the committee without attending these conferences. Please review the information on this web site to find areas of involvement that interest you.